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Hells Angels and Jerry Garcia?!

Did you know that the Hells Angels became involved with the musicians who played in the popular concerts in the park? What a shock that was when I found out. And what strange bedfellows. It’s all in the book.  They … Continue reading

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More of That Nice Review!

Here again, from Publisher’s Weekly for The BookLife Prize: Sheldon’s Characters are intricately developed and well constructed. They are believable and vivid. The secondary characters are solid in their portrayal as well.  The process planning and writing this book has been … Continue reading

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Thrilled With This Review!

“A Sleuth in the Summer of Love offers readers a kaleidoscopic exploration of the late 1960s. By exploring the divided frontiers of culture and counterculture Sheldon constructs a clever plot, where the collision of two polar worlds creates a storyline rich with … Continue reading

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Getting Closer to Launch!

What do you think of this picture for the cover? I had it made, now I’m considering one or two others. Let me know what you think. I’m getting more excited as we get closer to the launch of this, … Continue reading

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Who Shot the Officer?

An officer fires at the bootleggers.   One of them fires back. An officer is down. One of the bootleggers is sent to prison. But did they sentence the right one? Read A SLEUTH IN THE HAVEN and find out. … Continue reading

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Often laws prohibiting individual freedom create outlaws. Such was the case during prohibition in the twenties and early thirties of the last century. This is the case in our present day prohibition of drugs. In my new book A SLEUTH … Continue reading

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A Sleuth in the Haven is Out!

Dear Reader I think you’ll really enjoy this book for the following reasons: One of my goals from the start of writing this book was to create a multi-dimensional antagonist, to make this person genuinely interesting, to give him honorable … Continue reading

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