A Sleuth in the Haven is Out!

Dear Reader

Raid during Prohibition

I think you’ll really enjoy this book for the following reasons: One of my goals from the start of writing this book was to create a multi-dimensional antagonist, to make this person genuinely interesting, to give him honorable and dishonorable characteristics.  I think this makes a book far more compelling than having just a  generic bad guy. The second reason why I think you’d enjoy this book is that you will have fun learning all about prohibition during the twenties. A lot of research went into this, and you can reap the benefits. I know I always enjoy learning something new is the mysteries I read. REMEMBER, YOU CAN READ THE FIRST 3 CHAPTERS FREE. JUST CLICK ON ‘3 CHAPTERS  SLEUTH IN THE HAVEN’ UNDER THE PICTURE OF THE BOOKS.

The following is another great review by an author, teacher and writer’s mentor:
5 out of 5 stars  “Award-winning author Carol Sheldon’s fourth novel A SLEUTH IN THE HAVEN is another page-turning mystery. Journalist Gwen Harris crosses paths with ex-convict Sonny Dickens who has revenge in his heart, and, she is forced into helping him as he plots murder. Gwen’s spunk and ingenuity, Sonny’s tortured psyche, flashbacks of bootlegging in California, and comic relief – what a story!”  Teresa LeYung Ryan
Here’s to happy reading,
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