A Sleuth in the Haven–New Release!


My new book A Sleuth in The Haven is on the market, available on Amazon, Book Passage, (if you live in Marin) or by contacting yours truly. I’ve had three book readings, and enthusiasm and sales have been good. Amazon reviews are beginning to come in, and they’re all FIVE STAR.  S o why not give it a read?

Here’s one 5 star review: “Another exciting story about times bygone from the author of  A Sleuth in Sausalito and Mother Lode. Action is set in a retirement home invaded by two outsiders who have agendas for the residents, with flashbacks to the bootlegging era. This author has a real talent for bringing out the complexities of human nature, even as she keeps the action moving and keeps us on the edge of our seats!”  Vince Reigle

Don’t forget to watch the video, below!

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A SLEUTH IN THE HAVEN follows Gwen Harris through another series of frightening experiences. Now working as a junior reporter for the Chronicle newspaper, she longs to write about the real news. She gets her chance, as bizarre and fatal events threaten the residents of The Haven, a retirement home where her friend Megan lives.



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