New Book Almost Out!

A SLEUTH IN THE HAVEN follows Gwen Harris through another series of frightening experiences. Now working as a junior reporter for the Chronicle newspaper, she longs to write about the real news. She gets her chance, as bizarre and fatal events threaten the residents of The Haven, a retirement home where her friend Megan lives. Signing on to help the investigation, she gets caught deeper and deeper in the web of the attacker’s agenda. As Gwen tries to balance her work at the Chronicle with new responsibilities at the retirement home, and a boyfriend, the tightrope she’s walking gets higher and higher. 

Here are a few questions to whet your appetite for my new book.

What sort of lucrative, but illegal business were Sonny and Charlene involved in during the 20s?

What sort of crime kept Sonny in prison for thirty-five years?

Why is he so determined to reap revenge on his sister, Charlene?

How does the antagonist get from floor to floor without using the elevator or the stairs? (The first 3 people with the right answer gets a free copy of the book!)

Why does Sonny hang around the Haven after he’s killed Charlene?


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