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Like a lot of writers, I want to write and spend a minimal amount of time on marketing. But at some point, if we want to be visible beyond our comfort zone, we have to do something with the big M. So I am starting a well-reputed program which should give me a lot of  emails which in turn, should lead to sales. At least that’s the theory. So I’m pretty excited about this. I’ll let you know how it turns out in future blogs. . .

Readings have always been a good bet for me. I’m comfortable speaking before an audience, and readings have led to book sales for me. So that’s another way of marketing. Any writers out there who’ve made a killing with Social Media? It’s not been anything I do often, but you could change my mind.

Reading for "Driven to Rage" in San Francisco.

Reading for “Driven to Rage” in San Francisco.

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