One of many hidden stairways

One of many hidden stairways

You can get your copy through Amazon right now in print form! The title is already up. It’s been a labor of love–meeting old-timers, getting to know this town I live in better, all the writing, re-writing, etc. It’s so rewarding to finally give this gal birth. The first chapter will soon be up on this blog.

I’d love to get your comments, on my blog, or be the first to write a review on Amazon! I’ve appreciated your support in the past, and look forward to it again. I’m sure you’ll find A SLEUTH IN SAUSALITO a roller coaster of a ride. Vicki Weiland, noted editor and writer has this to say: “As an avid mystery reader, I was hooked on A Sleuth In Sausalito starting with the title! From then on, I was kept guessing at ‘who done it’ all the way to its totally unexpected ending! I loved the descriptions of scenic Sausalito, and its memorable, and real, personages, as well as the fictional characters. What a great read!”

If you like this mystery, be warned– I’m already brainstorming A Sleuth in Mill Valley.


Carol Sheldon


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