Marin County in Bloom

Marin County in Bloom

Hi all,

I’m very excited because my new novel A SLEUTH IN SAUSALITO is almost ready to be pushed out of the nest, and given to some beta readers to proofread, critique and say wonderful things about it.

Although there were certainly elements of mystery in my previous historical novels (still available), this one is a real mystery. It takes place in the 60s, so I guess I didn’t expect to do so much research. But, you know what? Many people who lived here then are still around, so I have to be more careful than ever! Actually, it’s been a joy—whether field research, Google research, meeting old timers or reading both historical and hysterical books about the area, I’ve loved it all.



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  1. Of course, dear friend and editor supreme. I’ll let you know as soon as I can. Thank you, Vicki, dear.

  2. Vicki Writer says:

    Hi honey!

    May I be a “beta reader” and endorser?

    I LOVE mysteries, and would be honored to read this one of YOURS! xx and congratulations on being “almost there!” Me

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