Today I had the very enjoyable afternoon giving a home book launch party. Except for an opportunity to give an event at my church, there had not been a reading in Marin (my home county.) So I did that today for an intimate group of 8 women, all of whom bought at least 1 book. (Some bought Mother Lode as well.)

We started with refreshments and conversation, and when everyone was here I talked about my connection to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, read part of the first chapter, (which you can read on this site). Everyone was very engaged with the topic; we discussed it for an hour or more. Several had a Michigan connection. A very friendly group, if we didn’t all know each other to begin with, we all felt like friends by the end.

If you’re a writer, I strongly suggest offering readings/signings in your home, or your community center. There’s a lot of satisfaction in communicating with a grateful audience in a small group setting. If you’re a reader, I suggest you support your local writers, and attend their readings. They’ll be happy to have you, even if you can’t afford to buy every book you encounter.

’til next time,


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2 Responses to HOME BOOK PARTY

  1. How did your second reading go? Are you going to have more? I think readings at restaurants are great.

  2. Mike Chappell says:

    Glad you had a delightful time! We had another book reading here at my restaurant on Monday. It was an Arcadia published historical book about Holt and Delhi Michigan’s. Dimondale’s near neighbor.

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