What’s for Breakfast?

mike's restaurantThe last place I read on my trip to Michigan was my traveling partner’s brother’s restaurant. Mike’s café is in the small town of Dimondale, near Lansing. I hesitated when asked, because it’s a lively place, and I could imagine dishes clattering, loud voices as orders were given to the waiter. Ah, but none of this happened. Mike has two spaces, and the second room was reserved for those who wanted to hear about the book. About twenty were in attendance. They were so quiet and attentive. They were eating or had eaten, but I never heard a spoon drop or a fork scrape a plate. After I read and talked about the book, they asked intelligent questions, and more than half of them bought a book. A very pleasant experience indeed.

For you writers out there, it was an interesting exercise in expanding the potential venues for sharing your work.

(That’s me with the microphone in my mouth, and my friend Stuart sitting in front of me with the baseball cap.) Thanks to Dianne Gnass for the lovely photo.

‘Til next time,


ps. If you’ve read DRIVEN TO RAGE and liked it, I’d appreciate a review on Amazon! If you haven’t read it, you can order it from this site. Thank you!

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1 Response to What’s for Breakfast?

  1. Mike Chappell says:

    Why, Thank-you, Carol! I glad you had such a good experience at my restaurant.

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