My friend Stuart Chappell, great assistant!

My friend Stuart Chappell, great assistant!

<The days number down as I prepare for my trip to Michigan to promote my new book DRIVEN TO RAGE. If you’ve been following my blog you know it’s about the miners’ strike in 1913, and the Upper Peninsula—particularly Keweenaw Peninsula—has been commemorating it all year.

I’m quite excited. First I’ll be with family and friends in the Detroit-Ann Arbor area. Then I’ll meet up with an old friend, and travel north. Our first stop is a book signing at Horizon Book Store in Traverse City. Then a side trip up a tiny peninsula nearby to Old Mission Point, which I’m told is “drop-dead gorgeous.”

Onward to the Upper Peninsula—first stop in Marquette. After that we plan to take a boat ride past the incredibly beautiful ‘Pictured Rocks’ near Munising. When we arrive in Houghton, the real work begins, with book talks, readings and signings scheduled in libraries, book stores and Art Fairs. It’s quite a whirlwind trip.

I just finished an article about the book for the Mining Gazette, (yes, they still call it that, although there’s no mining there now.) I recently learned that with new technology, there is talk of opening some of the old copper mines and creating new ones. Apparently there is much objection to this, from ecology-minded people and others. On the pro side, it could bring back the economy, culture and infra-structure once part of the lifestyle in Copperdom. The mines weren’t closed because the copper was gone; rather it was too deep–more than a mile– to make it profitable to go after.I shall follow this debate with interest.

I plan to write every Sunday, as I’ve been doing for the last two months. Next Sunday I’ll post from Traverse City.

'Til then,

I love to write about relationships and social issues.


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