Our TribeTHE MYSTERY WRITERS CONFERENCE AT BOOK PASSAGE IN MARIN is an intensive marathon of class after class, and laugh after laugh, as the various panels of renowned authors who obviously know each other, tease and tell on each other. This is the second mystery conference I’ve attended there, as my first book, MOTHER LODE was a historical mystery, and I expect my next book to be. DRIVEN TO RAGE certainly has an element of mystery, but perhaps not enough to satisfy the whodunit fans.

Back to the conference, for you who are writers out there, consider conferences, whether on writing for children, travel writing or whatever your genre. It’s exciting, from the energy that’s generated from being among other writers, the inspiring words of the speakers, or lessons on plot, character, and place. OK, so you know this stuff, but a review never hurts. And you always learn something new, and hear about great authors to put on your reading list. Perhaps equally important, the food was great, the staff very helpful; even the weather cooperated.

Speaking of place, it can almost be a character. At another conference, several years ago, when I was working on MOTHER LODE a teacher pointed out to me that setting my story in the mine was a good metaphor for the deeply hidden secrets of those above the mine. I nodded knowingly; to tell the truth, it was his discovery, not mine. But I like it, and I’ll own it!

‘Til next week,

Carol Sheldon
“I love to write about relationships and human rights issues.”

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