Reading at Book Passage

Reading at Book Passage

The book reading/signing at Book Passage was a success. It was in San Francisco, so I didn’t expect many people, but we had a nice audience, and most bought the books. We also had an animated discussion during Q&A, which went on for quite a while. This led the organizer to remark afterwards that that kind of energy was a good indicator that the book was a very timely subject. Many unions have disappeared or not allowed. Strikes surface everywhere. The subway system in the Bay Area where I live is threatening once again to strike. This creates havoc in a community that depends on it for getting to work. I’m not advocating strikes in all situations. I don’t pretend to be an expert on the subject. But in 1913, there was definitely just cause. And wherever a strike emerges, both sides, and often the community suffer.

Next week I’ll write about the real woman called Big Annie, who is featured on the cover and between the covers of DRIVEN TO RAGE.

Stay tuned, and please COMMENT!

If you wish to order Driven to Rage, please click here.

Carol Sheldon

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