THIS IS THE WIND-UP WEEK. DRIVEN TO RAGE goes to print on Friday! The covers are finished and uploaded, the interior is in the template. Just a couple of readers with magnifying glasses looking for typos before uDSCN3164ploading it. And then I’m done! I already had hoped to get it out this week, but when I was offered a book launch–reading/signing at a prestigious book store in San Francisco on July 8th, I knew I had to make it happen!If you’re local, I hope you come to the reading. It’s at the Ferry Building Book Passage, correction: 6:00. There will be wine and snacks, provided by the Left Coast Writers. (Book reading for Mother Lode 2011)

If you haven’t read the previous two blogs about this book, DRIVEN TO RAGE follows a family through the tumultuous 1913 miners’ strike in Upper Michigan. Set against the background of the times and community, the family is torn apart by differing views. There is betrayal, lust, love, the power struggle between Labor and Management, and deep courage–all the things that make you want to turn the page in a good novel.

I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available. Oh, and please sign up to be a follower if you aren’t already. That way you’ll get a notice in your email box whenever I post a blog. Just scroll to bottom left–you’ll see the place for this.



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