DRIVEN TO RAGE is almost ready to go to press!

BLOG June 4, 2013

Dear Readers,

At a book reading in San Francisco

At a book reading in San Francisco

Soon I will be giving my faithful followers a peek at my book. The first chapter will be on line to whet your appetite. Here’s a taste: How would you feel if you knew your partner’s views on Labor vs. Management were so different than yours that you were afraid for him to see your mail? How would you feel if you never knew when you descended into the bowels of the earth if you’d ever ‘see grass’ again? All this is in the first chapter.

Here are some of the things, as an author that have to be done before a book goes to print, aside from getting the manuscript ready: write all kinds of things that go in the book—title page, copyright page including the ISBN you secured, dedication and acknowledgement page, author’s notes; and in my case questions at the back of the book for group discussion, and a short bibliography. Keep up your blog, (oh, I haven’t been very good about that!) Then there’s gathering all the email addresses for the booksellers you hope to entice to carry your book, and perhaps to let you speak and sign. There’s finding or designing the right picture for the cover design template, the interior template, a press release. . . I could go on. Anyway, these things are getting checked off—several of them today. So hopefully, I’ll be able to get out of my pajamas in a few days and meet a friend or two for lunch!
I’ll be back soon. Please join as a follower. Oh, and I love to read your comments.

Thank you,

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