Yes, it has been a long time. Personal issues, and the absence of my computer for over a month, as it went back and forth to Texas for repair—these are the reasons I haven’t kept my blog up. Oh, and although I backed up many things on an external hard drive before saying goodbye to my laptop, I failed to save my ‘password’ file, and some other files, like all my photos. I couldn’t get into my blog. A lesson for everyone—back it all up. My computer came back absolutely stripped—no operating system, nothing. Well, I am finally getting back on track. It’s ‘stretching the little grey cells’, as Poirot would say.

One of the things I did back up is my work-in-progress sequel to MOTHER LODE. I have about 100 pages in that and am just getting reacquainted with this text now, prior to writing more. (Yes, if you leave a project like this for long, it is necessary to read it, feel it, get involved again.)  Did you ever hear of Big Annie? Probably not, but she was quite the heroine, fomenting the miners’ strike in Michigan during 1913. You can look her up on line or wait for my new book to come out. There’s mystery, major conflict, brother against brother, love, greed, power struggle and murder. Enough to fill your literary plate for a good read, I hope. More on this as I progress.

And saving my good news for last—today, at our month meeting I was awarded the BAIPA FICTION award for MOTHER LODE. I hope to show you pics our president took in next blog. She’s making little gold stickers for us to lick and glue on our books. Yum, yum.

Remember the monologues I wrote and performed in for the Marin Festival of new works? I won an audience award for acting and also a writer’s award for that. I just received the link to Youtube from the producer which will take you to video of my monologues. Video is amateur, and I you will miss some words, but you might enjoy it anyway. Copy and paste link below.

I’d love to hear from you. What are you up to?

Best to everyone,


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