Hi again,

Some news–I will be talking about and reading from MOTHER LODE at Book Passage in Corte Madera on March 18th. at 12:00 noon. This is a very prestigious place to read and I feel honored to be a feature author there–quite amazed, in fact.  The thing is, I need your support. There’s nothing more humiliating for an author than addressing an audience of 2 or 3 for 45 minutes, which happens, believe me. So please, if you even think you might go, put it on your calendar now. I need your help. And I promise, you will enjoy it, whether you’ve heard me read before or not. (Someone said at Sunday’s California Writers’ Club meeting Sunday, “If we go to enough of your readings, will we get to hear your whole book?”) Fun. Actually, I don’t have any more readings scheduled at this time. so this would be a very good time for you to come. N’est pas? It’s free!

Looking ahead, I will be performing 3 monologues I wrote in April at the Marin Festival of One Acts and Solos. This will take place on Dominican University Campus in Meadowlands Hall. Although I’ve always loved to act, I haven’t been on stage for seven or eight years, and as I suspected memorizing these monologues is much harder now than it would have been in my youth. So I started early, and still have six more weeks to rehearse. The set is called “Three Old Ladies Share Their Views on Sex.” One is French, one British and one Southern American. I’m looking forward to it–the writing part was easy. More to come on this event.

On books in general, for readers and writers alike: PLACE is a strong element in any novel, or should be. It can be so strong that it becomes a character in your book, inseparable from the rest of the book. Cara Black is a wonderful example of this, with her books on Paris. And James Lee Burke with his Louisiana swamps and bars in and around New Orleans. I hope I have done the same framing my work in the mining community of Michigan. If you’re a writer and can imagine your story in other settings, then you haven’t hit pay-dirt of the community you’re writing about. ‘Nuf said for now on that subject.



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