Reading of MOTHER LODE in Oceanside, CA.

Hi all,

My friend and I are in Southern California for the week–just as cold as Northern California! But we’re right on the beach watching incredible sunsets, and listening to the surf roar in. We’ve watched lots of skilled surfers too–amazing the dance some of them can do on the waves. It’s fun to watch them.

Stuart encouraged me to offer to do a reading of MOTHER LODE here at the resort. They ‘loved’ the idea, and I had a chance to promote it at a wine and cheese Happy Hour here last night, as well as posters around the place. This should be kind of fun–Friday evening at 7:00.

For you writers out there, I’ve found I sell more books at non-book functions than at book organizations or fairs. I sold six at a party last week. Next I may try retirement homes in the Bay Area. Would love to hear your ideas.

Yesterday we went to Balboa Park to see the I-Max movie of Under the Sea. Tomorrow we’ll be at an Art Museum, Saturday we’ll see a live production of Annie. Sunday we start home.

Read, write. even though you may never plan to publish, and remember books make great holiday gifts!

Happy Holidays,


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