Cougars in Michigan?

Hi Everyone,

Did you know about the Michigan cougar? They’re no longer native to Michigan, but animals as well as people migrate, so read below.

HANCOCK, Mich. (AP) — A cougar that officials believe migrated from the western U.S. has been caught on camera for a third time in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The Department of Natural Resources said Wednesday the wildcat was photographed by a trail camera Nov. 13 just north of Hancock. They say it’s probably the same animal that was photographed twice in September. (Hmm, that’s when I was there.) The first time was in Ontonagon County and the second was in adjacent Houghton County, about 15 miles south of Hancock. The cougar was wearing a radio collar. Western states are the only ones that have collared cougars for research, so officials assume the Michigan cat came from there. The last known wild cougar in Michigan was killed in 1906, but there have been several verified sightings in the U.P. in recent years.

Are you getting ready for Christmas? Don”t forget to put books on your list . If you have any children on your list, books make wonderful, lasting gifts for the kids.

I’m off for warmer climes next week–a week in S. California at Oceanside, right on the beach.  (No, it isn’t that warm in the Bay Area, but we have had a lot of sunny days. I will be taking my laptop, so we can stay in touch.

Happy Holidays to all,


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