Nifty Marketing Sites

For you writers out there, and anybody else trying to sell something, you probably have heard–over and over–that Social Media is essential if you want to catch the attention of prospective buyers. I admit I didn’t jump on the bandwagon of Facebook, etc. when it came out–in fact I stayed away from it. But everything I read and heard from the experts told me, “Hey, if you want to be noticed,  you have to do it.” OK. So I started with this blog, and I’m a Facebook (sort of). But I know I have to do more with these sites. An url I discovered tonight called Hubspot has a way of integrating all these sites together, so you only have to write once! I’m going to look into this.

At a BAY AREA INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING ASSOCIATION (BAIPA) this Saturday the speaker, Patricia V. Davis,  gave us several sites which would be useful in learning more about Social Media. I offer a couple to you here: and She also said Morris Rosenthal’s book, Print on Demand Publishingis a must if that’s what you’re planning to do.

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