I Went to Word Camp

I went to Word Press Camp this weekend. Friday I was with about 50 other beginners, and we got lots of individual attention. The staff was from all over the world. If you’re at all interested in setting up a blog, or improving your skills with WordPress the camp is definitely worthwhile.

I was a bit on overload Friday, as a ton of information was downloaded into my brain. But it was very exciting, too. And dear Hanni, who helped me the most, says I can email and ask her questions anytime! The SF meet-up group for
WordPress is also very useful, meeting once a month at Pier 38 . Any questions about this, please leave a comment.

I’m getting ready for my ‘book tour’ to Michigan in 2 weeks. Just hope the books will be ready! A few stores in the Upper Peninsula have already committed to buying books, and I think I’ll have at least one reading and book signing. I may also set up business on a street corner, banner and
all! Of course it could be raining, hotter than hell, and/or full of the famous predator/state bird, alias the mosquito. But I’m sure it will all be a great adventure.

Please write a comment, or share your experiences.

Til next time,


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