My Second Blog

It was very scary hitting “publish” for the first time. Maybe it gets easier. I’m attending WordCamp in SF this weekend and hope to learn a lot more about blogging, using Word Press, etc. Very fortuitous timing!

I have good news: For those of you in the Bay Area, I’m having my second reading/book signing of MOTHER LODE on September  18th. Let me know if you want to attend and I’ll let you know where it’s being held. The first reading went really well at West End Cafe in San Rafael last week, thanks to Charlene and Ken, who hosted it, and to all my loyal supporters.

My next biggest news is that I’m going to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to promote my book. Also to promote the Upper Peninsula. It’s almost a state in itself and may be the only one you haven’t been to! I came to know it first because my mother was from there and we used to visit my grandmother when I was a child. Can’t wait to get back there and have a meat pasty (yum!) I’ve been there twice in the last few years doing research for my novel, wanting historical details to be accurate. Hey, I didn’t think I was interested in history, either, let alone mining! But it’s the story that counts–that’s just the background. We have mystery, betrayal, romance– both sweet and illicit and lots more.) I’ll be visiting some bookstores, taking videos, interviewing a prof who teaches history of mining, maybe some old-timers, the manager of Quincy Mine, which still does an open car ride down into the old copper mine and now serves as a museum. Fascinating place. So stay tuned. I’ll be up there Sept. 1-4, and hope to have some neat videos to show you when I return on the 10th. I’ll be spending some time around Ann Arbor, too–where I lived until moving to California 15 years ago.

Oh, and please write comments. I’d like to create some dialogue. Know anything about the UP? Let’s share.

‘Til next time,



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3 Responses to My Second Blog

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Carol,

    Two of my friends have now bought your book, and like it. One grew up in the UP.


  2. Carol, this is so exciting. My heartiest congratulations. Coincidentally, I am opening tonight in a play, Bedtime in Detroit, written by a woman who has her roots in Michigan also! Ellen K. Anderson. It plays at Boxcar Studios for two weeks…Ann Arbor is in one of my lines. Anyway, hats off to you…smashing spash into the Blog community!

  3. Congratulations Carol! I will be following the blog as time allows, and looking forward to the printing.
    Blessings and Balance.

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