What Inspires a Writer?

6e61db49f6fadb2148d27d8d4010870a-2Hello everyone, I have a guest blogger today. She is a writer and wonderful publicist. I couldn’t express the joys of writing better than she has. Enjoy the words of DENISE CASSINO below~~~Carol

     “What makes those words pour onto the page?  I write because I love words. I love our language. I love the amazing images created from mere black ink on white paper. I have loved words all of my life. I started reading avidly as a child utterly consumed by worlds and characters I would never see or meet but finally grew to know intimately. I fell in love with Rhett Butler. I discovered the Hidden Staircase with Nancy Drew and George and Bess. I am fascinated and awed by writers like Pat Conroy whose words make you smell the sea salt and taste the boiling shrimp; writers who can evoke images and emotions so profound and powerful that they linger in one’s mind forever. I love the characters that tug at you to return to them, to pick up the book and enter their realm again. I love that I yearn for those characters and places long after we’ve parted, as though homesick, wishing I could have just a few more moments with them. I love all that I learn from reading, the historical characters and events that I now know so well. I want to be able to give back what I have loved getting from others throughout my life – the joys of reading and writing.” 

                Denise Cassino, http://www.BestsellerServices.com


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“a great read.”

Yes, in April I became a bestseller on Amazon. Quite thrilling. My publicist had created a launch, which ran for six days, the purpose of which was to do just that, become a bestseller. And the purpose of that is to be more attractive to film producers. Nat Mandel, Of Voyage Media, is working on that. He is very interested in the story, the film, and will give it a good try. No guarantees, but you can cross your fingers for me.

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Going for a Film!

I’ve had Mother Lode made into a film script, and  engaged a media company to pitch it to producers. The next few months will be a very exciting time,  waiting to see if I get any bites! I’ll keep you posted. Wish me luck.





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“The intricacy of the relationships is incredible.”

Hello friends, We did it! My publicist, the wonderful Denise Cassino, through her ingenious use of tweets, brought me to Best Seller status in 6 days! This image is one of many used in the launch. I can’t speak highly enough of her competence, friendliness and ease to work with. If you need a publicist, let me know.

Happy Reading!



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I’m just over half way through my launch week to make Mother Lode a best seller on Amazon. I’ve already achieved that status, but would like to get to #1 Best Seller. Check out my tweets on Twitter, and see all the wonderful images/text boxes my publicist and I have created. We want to get to #1 Best Seller. Can you help me? Thanks, Carol

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My launch on Twitter,  for MOTHER LODE,which my publicist is handling will begin this Wednesday, April 26th. It will run for six days, with a lot of neat images/texts to see. I’m excited about this, and I hope you will watch, and maybe, buy MOTHER LODE. Help me get to Best Seller status!

Pasties at Tony’s in Laurium, Upper Peninsula of Michigan

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Remember ‘Mother Lode’?


I’ve never done much with publicity, and most of my sales have occurred when I do readings, at book stores, etc. And I’ve been a penny-pincher when it comes to spending money on publicity, but recently I’ve hired someone to do a barrage of tweets that will be released in a short period of time, in hopes of making Mother Lode a bestseller! Apparently this system works–or your money back! Keep watching, and I’ll let you know when to look for the tweets.

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