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A Sleuth in the Summer of Love offers readers a kaleidoscopic exploration of the late 1960s. By exploring the divided frontiers of culture and counterculture Sheldon constructs a clever plot, where the collision of two polar worlds creates a storyline rich with intensity.” Publishers Weekly for The BookLife Prize. . .  This is only part of what the reviewer had to say in a pre-publication review. More from that review next time! BookLife, an arm of Publishers Weekly is the go-to organization for publishers, writers, bookstore buyers, etc. So I am happy to have their sanction.

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Carol Sheldon



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Getting Closer to Launch!

Possible cover of my new book

What do you think of this picture for the cover? I had it made, now I’m considering one or two others. Let me know what you think. I’m getting more excited as we get closer to the launch of this, my third in the Gwen Harris Mystery Series. Some early readers think it’s the best.

The BookLife judge from Publishers Weekly had this to say among other things, “The the author offers up innovative twists and turns that breathe life into the setting. Her gift for storytelling manifests into a nail-biting mystery/thriller.” I can live with that!

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Carol Sheldon


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Who Shot the Officer?

An officer fires at the bootleggers.

Did the right person get sentenced for killing an officer?


One of them fires back.

An officer is down.

One of the bootleggers is sent to prison.

But did they sentence the right one?

Read A SLEUTH IN THE HAVEN and find out. Learn about home-made stills, bootlegging, speak-easies, and the havoc this life-style plays on a retirement home thirty-five years later.

I had a lot of fun researching the era of prohibition, and the resulting crime it created. In my book, the crime continues thirty-five years later, when the person convicted is released from prison, determined to reek revenge on his partner.  What happens to our protagonist, Gwen Harris, when the ex-con captures her to facilitate his plan?

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Often laws prohibiting individual freedom create outlaws. Such was the case during prohibition in the twenties and early thirties of the last century. This is the case in our present day prohibition of drugs.

In my new book A SLEUTH IN THE HAVEN, taking place in the sixties, we flash back to the twenties and the period of speakeasies and bootleggers. An officer of the law is shot and someone has to pay. Does the right person go to prison? What will the incarcerated one do when he’s finally released? I hope you read A SLEUTH IN THE HAVEN to find out.

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A Sleuth in the Haven is Out!

Dear Reader

Raid during Prohibition

I think you’ll really enjoy this book for the following reasons: One of my goals from the start of writing this book was to create a multi-dimensional antagonist, to make this person genuinely interesting, to give him honorable and dishonorable characteristics.  I think this makes a book far more compelling than having just a  generic bad guy. The second reason why I think you’d enjoy this book is that you will have fun learning all about prohibition during the twenties. A lot of research went into this, and you can reap the benefits. I know I always enjoy learning something new is the mysteries I read. REMEMBER, YOU CAN READ THE FIRST 3 CHAPTERS FREE. JUST CLICK ON ‘3 CHAPTERS  SLEUTH IN THE HAVEN’ UNDER THE PICTURE OF THE BOOKS.

The following is another great review by an author, teacher and writer’s mentor:
5 out of 5 stars  “Award-winning author Carol Sheldon’s fourth novel A SLEUTH IN THE HAVEN is another page-turning mystery. Journalist Gwen Harris crosses paths with ex-convict Sonny Dickens who has revenge in his heart, and, she is forced into helping him as he plots murder. Gwen’s spunk and ingenuity, Sonny’s tortured psyche, flashbacks of bootlegging in California, and comic relief – what a story!”  Teresa LeYung Ryan
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A Sleuth in the Haven–New Release!


My new book A Sleuth in The Haven is on the market, available on Amazon, Book Passage, (if you live in Marin) or by contacting yours truly. I’ve had three book readings, and enthusiasm and sales have been good. Amazon reviews are beginning to come in, and they’re all FIVE STAR.  S o why not give it a read?

Here’s one 5 star review: “Another exciting story about times bygone from the author of  A Sleuth in Sausalito and Mother Lode. Action is set in a retirement home invaded by two outsiders who have agendas for the residents, with flashbacks to the bootlegging era. This author has a real talent for bringing out the complexities of human nature, even as she keeps the action moving and keeps us on the edge of our seats!”  Vince Reigle

Don’t forget to watch the video, below!

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A SLEUTH IN THE HAVEN follows Gwen Harris through another series of frightening experiences. Now working as a junior reporter for the Chronicle newspaper, she longs to write about the real news. She gets her chance, as bizarre and fatal events threaten the residents of The Haven, a retirement home where her friend Megan lives.



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After losing files, re-writes, new incarnations, A SLEUTH IN THE HAVEN has finally come to life. It is available in print and ebook formats through Amazon.

A SLEUTH IN THE HAVEN follows Gwen Harris through another series of frightening experiences. Now working as a reporter for the Chronicle newspaper,  she follows bizarre and fatal events that threaten the residents of a retirement home, The Haven. Gwen gets caught deeper and deeper in the web of the attacker’s agenda. As Gwen tries to balance her work at the Chronicle with her sleuthing at the retirement home, the tight-rope she’s walking gets higher and higher.  

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