Hells Angels and Jerry Garcia?!

Still there.

Did you know that the Hells Angels became involved with the musicians who played in the popular concerts in the park? What a shock that was when I found out. And what strange bedfellows. It’s all in the book.  They were hired as security guards, but in many cases became friends–shared joints, LSD. Next time I’ll write about their women–that’s a colorful story.

Some of the shops created during 1967 are still there. Or maybe they were recreated during the 50th anniversary last year. Anyway, the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco is still a colorful neighborhood to visit.

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More of That Nice Review!

One of the possibilities for a cover.

Here again, from Publisher’s Weekly for The BookLife Prize: Sheldon’s Characters are intricately developed and well constructed. They are believable and vivid. The secondary characters are solid in their portrayal as well. 

The process planning and writing this book has been an education for me. I was in Michigan at the time, far from the action in San Francisco, but the tendrils of that phenomenon spread everywhere. I remember going to an outdoor concert back then where so many people were smoking pot that you could get high just breathing the air! Since I moved to California, just across the bridge from San Francisco I’ve been fascinated by that special time in 1967. I’ve talked to people who were around at that time, watched films and read books about that era. It seemed the perfect setting for my third in the Gwen Harris Mystery Series. It’s coming out very soon–watch for it!

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Thrilled With This Review!

A Sleuth in the Summer of Love offers readers a kaleidoscopic exploration of the late 1960s. By exploring the divided frontiers of culture and counterculture Sheldon constructs a clever plot, where the collision of two polar worlds creates a storyline rich with intensity.” Publishers Weekly for The BookLife Prize. . .  This is only part of what the reviewer had to say in a pre-publication review. More from that review next time! BookLife, an arm of Publishers Weekly is the go-to organization for publishers, writers, bookstore buyers, etc. So I am happy to have their sanction.

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