Hi everyone, A SLEUTH IN SAUSALITO is finally born! You can order it on Amazon in print or e-form. If you’ve been following my blog, then you know that this book has been my main project for the past year. Ah, the euphoria of finishing a book!

an upscale hotel in downtown Sausalito

an upscale hotel in downtown Sausalito

It’s been exciting researching the 60s, talking to old-timers in this area, driving around the headlands, etc. to get a sense of the area, and make sure I get the roads right. If you enjoy mysteries, I’m sure you’ll like this one. A few folks are talking me into making a series, so I’m already brainstorming “A Sleuth in Mill Valley”. You can learn more about this book and read the first chapter on my blog: http://www.carolsheldon.com.

Carol Sheldon

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One of many hidden stairways

One of many hidden stairways

You can get your copy through Amazon right now in print form! The title is already up. It’s been a labor of love–meeting old-timers, getting to know this town I live in better, all the writing, re-writing, etc. It’s so rewarding to finally give this gal birth. The first chapter will soon be up on this blog.

I’d love to get your comments, on my blog, or be the first to write a review on Amazon! I’ve appreciated your support in the past, and look forward to it again. I’m sure you’ll find A SLEUTH IN SAUSALITO a roller coaster of a ride. Vicki Weiland, noted editor and writer has this to say: “As an avid mystery reader, I was hooked on A Sleuth In Sausalito starting with the title! From then on, I was kept guessing at ‘who done it’ all the way to its totally unexpected ending! I loved the descriptions of scenic Sausalito, and its memorable, and real, personages, as well as the fictional characters. What a great read!”

If you like this mystery, be warned– I’m already brainstorming A Sleuth in Mill Valley.


Carol Sheldon


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Hi everyone,

2013-11-12 09.06.28

one of many houseboats in Sausalito and the book

I’m so excited. My new book A Sleuth in Sausalito is finished. It will be available in about a week. It’s been such fun writing it, doing the research, interviewing old-timers, checking out the barracks and bunkers of the Headlands.

It’s Sausalito in the sixties. Poets, painters and philosophers dot this artsy town, and a community living on derelict houseboats. The boat people vs. the hill people continue an ongoing battle. The pages are filled with colorful characters like Sally Stanford, and the artist Jean Varda. The disappearance of an aspiring young artist in the 50s goes unsolved until. . .

Stay tuned. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s hot off the press.

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A SLEUTH IN SAUSALITO ready to spread her wings!

Local mermaid, hidden behind a Shell sign.

Local mermaid, hidden behind a Shell sign.

Just last night I pushed my fledgling bird out of the nest. She was sent to a few beta readers to make comments, find my missing words, etc. This is such an exciting process. I can’t wait to see what kind of feedback I get back. A SLEUTH IN SAUSALITO is on the way!

There are still a couple of old-timers I’d like to meet with to make sure the historical part of the 60s in Sausalito is accurate. I did meet with two, but then I broke my foot, and one lady I want to meet lives way up in the hills, with many, many steps to climb. My foot’s much better, so soon I hope to meet her.

In the meantime, maybe I’ll have a chance to read some mysteries by other authors. I’m on my second book by James Patterson—good writer. I’ve learned so much by reading other authors.

Blessings to all writers and readers.


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Marin County in Bloom

Marin County in Bloom

Hi all,

I’m very excited because my new novel A SLEUTH IN SAUSALITO is almost ready to be pushed out of the nest, and given to some beta readers to proofread, critique and say wonderful things about it.

Although there were certainly elements of mystery in my previous historical novels (still available), this one is a real mystery. It takes place in the 60s, so I guess I didn’t expect to do so much research. But, you know what? Many people who lived here then are still around, so I have to be more careful than ever! Actually, it’s been a joy—whether field research, Google research, meeting old timers or reading both historical and hysterical books about the area, I’ve loved it all.



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A model of 'Big Annie' in Calumet, MI last summer. Very instrumental in urging miners to strike.

A model of ‘Big Annie’ in Calumet, MI last summer. Very instrumental in urging miners to strike.

This is the first time I’ve embedded a video in my blog! It’s a reading I did at Book Passage in San Francisco. Although I’m now busy working on my Sausalito mystery, I haven’t forgotten Driven to Rage, and hope you haven’t either. I’m leaving the first chapter of the book up on this site for awhile longer, so dig in if you haven’t already.

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The Lady’s in the Closet!

2013-12-14 10.26.54 SAUSALITO has a lovely bronze statue of a mermaid.She is hiding behind a Shell Station sign in mid-town. The sign says she is waiting to go downtown. My understanding is that she had built it with full expectation that she be placed on the ‘point’ in Gabrielle park, where many locals and tourists gather to listen to band concerts, enjoy picnics and the view of the Bay and SF. It would be a lovely home for her near the water, where she no doubt hopes to return home. But the powers that be don’t thinks she looks the way a mermaid should—breasts covered in scales, resembling a bra. “Mermaids have to be naked,” they insist. Well, what happened to individual artistic style, artistic licence, expressionism, etc. I for one would love to see her come out from behind the Shell sign and show her stuff in Gabrielson Park. That’s where she belongs, where she can be seen and appreciated by many. As of now she is one of the hidden treasures of Sausalito.

Tell me what you think.

‘Till next time,


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