Merry Christmas to All!

Christmas Party last week

Christmas Party last week

Happy Holidays, everyone.

I hope everyone will find something meaningful in the days to come. I will be traveling to the Midwest to visit my brother and sister. I will fly in to Detroit on December 23rd, and then drive with my brother to my sister’s in Cleveland. I am looking forward to this reunion with my siblings. If possible, we’ll catch up with my grandson in Columbus. Then back to Michigan where I will spend a few days with old friends. Many of you know I lived in lower Michigan most of my life. Part of my heart still lives there.

Remember, books make great holiday gifts!




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Carol at a recent book reading in San FranciscoBook readings/signings are the backbone of sales for authors like myself who do little to promote themselves on social media. Tomorrow, Saturday, I will be doing a reading for the Novato Chapter of AAUW. It is open to the public. As is Sunday’s event at Unity in Marin at 1:00–also in Novato. Wednesday, December 10th is very public, as part of the Speakers’ Series at the Sausalito Library at 7:00. I hope you local people will be able to attend if you missed the reading at Book Passage.

And remember, books make great holiday gifts! If you can’t make any of the readings, all of my books are available on Amazon, and A SLEUTH IN SAUSALITO is also available at Book Passage.



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Hello Friends,

Living on the Bay in Sausalito. I see all sorts of water vessels from paddling boards to huge container ships. Within sight is San Francisco, with all the culture you’d expect in a modern city.

2013-10-09 10.17.11

To the north beyond Marin County (of which Sausalito is a part) lie the wine counties of Sonoma and Napa.

Castello di Amorosa 2014-08-13 16.55.35On a recent visit to Napa, only an hour away, I visited the wonderful castle, Castello di Amorosa. Every brick and stone was imported from Europe to make this fantastic replica. Many musical events and banquets are held here.

Sausalito itself is remarkable for a small town. It has quite a history, from the native Americans to the first Caucasian residents, one of whom supplied fresh water, beef and other staples to the ships that plowed the waters of the Bay and the Pacific. During World War II, the waterfront became a ship building center, where many battleships were built to help the war effort. Remains of that era can still be seen. And now it attracts many tourists as well as residents, with its colorful shops and beautiful waterfront.

Our Famous Seal

Our Famous Seal

There’s lots more history, of course, some of which is incorporated in my book                     A SLEUTH IN SAUSALITO. Read the first chapter free, right here on my blog.

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I’d like you to see some of the works of art in my town—some present, some hidden and some recently destroyed.

concrete and ceramic sculpture lost in the weeds of the old houseboat community

concrete and ceramic sculpture lost in the weeds of the old houseboat community

Last year it was sad to me that a beautiful serpentine sculpture embedded with colored tiles was hidden among weeds and parked cars when I first saw itI was hoping that it would be moved to a public park where it could be seen and appreciated by many. I’m sorry I didn’t speak up. Recently, this property, (near Gate 6, if you’re familiar with our town,) was re-purposed. The lovely sculpture, about 12 feet long, was broken up and plowed underground, as the land was flattened. I understand it’s to be fashioned into a park. What irony!

Local mermaid, hidden behind a Shell sign.

Local mermaid, hidden behind a Shell sign.

The lovely sculpture of a mermaid is  virtually hidden behind a Shell gas station on Bridgeway, with a sign that states it is looking for a home. The powers that be noted some years ago that mermaids don’t wear bras, and therefore decreed it was not fit to be displayed in any of our parks. What happened to individual expression, imagination, creativity, and the ingenuity of the artist? Sadly, this sculpture remains in view of few, while little artwork adorns our parks.

Our Famous Seal

Our Famous Seal

The famous seal is visible, but not if you’re driving. To see it, you must be walking on the water side of Bridgeway, shortly before it ends on the street turns abruptly inland. There it is, a lovely work, adorning the shore of our city.

The Sails of Sausalito

The Sails of Sausalito

Perhaps the most visible piece of outdoor art is the set of abstract sails on the junction of Bridgeway and Caledonia. Even this has been missed by some local residents!

I’m glad that I’ve been able to observe these works of art. I share the images—past and present with you– before, (perhaps,) more disappear from our horizon. We have a lovely city. It is usually a challenge to slalom one’s way down Bridgeway through the many bicyclists on the road , and the tourists who are so many that they overflow the sidewalk onto the street. But this just testifies to the charm of  Sausalito.

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an old houseboat

This one needs a face lift.

I’m waiting for a new shipment of                        A SLEUTH IN SAUSALITO. Meanwhile, as houseboats, and the people who live in them play a big part in the book, I thought you might like to see some pictures.

The Valejo, Varda's home.

To order A Sleuth in Sausalito, click here.

Of course, the only ones I’ve pictured that were here during the 50’s and 60’s are the one that needs a facelift, and the Vallejo, a former ferry boat purchased by artist, Jean Varda (a character in the book) and Alan Watts.



One of the unique houseboats in Sausalito

One of the unique houseboats in Sausalito, the Owl.

Most modern houseboats are built on a concrete barge that rises and falls with the tide. Some, however, are attached to pilings  imbedded in the Bay.


Houseboats are still a major player in Sausalito!

A cute little house on a boat

2013-11-01 10.30.30

Houseboats of today

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Good morning, Friends,

Last year's reading for "Driven to Rage"

Last year’s reading for “Driven to Rage”

I’m getting ready to submit an order for more copies of A SLEUTH IN SAUSALITO! They sold well at Book Passage, and I have orders for more. I used to think the most boring part of giving a book talk was that you had to sign all those copies afterwards. How wrong I was! It’s thrill to do that, to notice people lining up to get your signature, and a chance to speak to each person individually.

It’s a two-way street. Every writer who desires the support of others, needs to support them in return. Please attend as many of their book events, as possible. If you can afford it, buy their books. Offer specific comments or questions, and do a book review on Amazon if you like the book. It means a lot to all of us. If you’re not a writer, bless you for your support. If you are a writer, write on!


Best  to all of you,



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Dear Friends,

Book Passage Launch

Book Passage Launch

My book launch for A SLEUTH IN SAUSALITO was tonight at Book Passage. What a high! It’s always a remarkable, affirming experience to actually speak to a live audience. It can go to your head, when you think about the fact that famous writers and politicians like Elizabeth George and Bill Clinton have sat on that same platform. About half of those present bought the book. I received lots of support from folks I knew and those I didn’t. Many other writers  I know were there from the various writer organizations I belong to, and many from Sausalito. I expect to have other readings in the near future. The event was recorded, so hopefully I’ll be able to put some video on YouTube and this web site soon.

I’d like to thank the best book store in the Bay Area, Book Passage, the Left Coast Writers who provided the launch, and those who served me well tonight. They are Teresa LeYung Ryan for interviewing me, (a wonderful writing coach) Roberta Maloy for recording the event and Wanda Henson for setting up refreshments, and of course, those who attended and those who purchased a book.

You may A SLEUTH IN SAUSALITO  from Amazon,  Book Passage, or contact me directly at

Still riding high,


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